What they say about us:


"Children who can not read identify their belongings with drawing."


Mammaproof, the guide to enjoy the city with your friends:

"Kids love it, they immediately recognize their little bear, and the stamp looks great, even after washing."


Kireei, the magazine of beautiful things


Barcelona colours, to enjoy Barcelona with children:

"I was wonderful to use on everything the kids had to bring for the field trip: caps, T-shirts, bathing suits, beach towels... I even stamped it on their flip flops, and that was the quick and easy... Anyways, I think that for the first time, I was one of the few mothers who followed th teacher's instructions perfectly. I had everything, I mean everything stamped, no joke!"



Mallorkids, how to enjoy Mallorca with children:

"Goodbye to all the countless hours I spent sewing and ironing labels with my children's names."

Star en Rojo, blogger:

"They are a lot of fun and you can customize them the way you want."

Magiare a mesa puesta, blogger, traveler, cook and restless mom:

"This online store with personalized stamps, could bail out many mothers like her."

Niños que molan, modern guide for little and older ones:

"It's a vice!"

La "me" mamma, blog of an Italian mother in training

Cerezas de tul:

"Suddenly we discovered miomiomio and we loved it! Our face lights up!"

And thanks to comb Peineta, pintxos y mi molinillo for introducing us to your world;)

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