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miomiomio.com is an online store that personalizes your stamp to help Moms and Dads label their children’s clothes or toys in no time.

With Miomiomio, labeling clothes is  as easy as “click-click”. As a Mom myself, it has been the cleanest, fastest and mess-free solution I have found to label all those clothes for my children’s school.  Not to mention, it’s fun and we can do it together. Forget spending all that time sewing on labels or ironing.  Instead, enjoy this time to make it a fun project with your child and best of all, if they can’t yet read, they will be able to identify their belongings through the image they chose to personalize their stamps.

You will find that you can stamp clothes, some toys, books etc., wherever the surface will absorb the ink  to permanently stamp the item.  You can choose the design that best fits your personality from music, sports, food, movies and more!

We invite you to check out our collection:

You will find 250 designs  categorized into 16 difference collections. Choose the one that best describes your child or the one you, personally, identify with the most.  You will have room to add the text you wish and combine it with the image of your choice.

How can I buy Miomiomio stamps? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose the design that you identify with the most
  2. We personalize it with the text or name your send us
  3. You will receive your unique  & personalized stamp  ready to “click-click”!  Be careful, the fun is addictive!

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