"Children who can not read identify their belongings with drawing."


logo mammaproof
Mammaproof Barcelona, the guide to enjoy the city with your little tribe:

"This stamp is super practical since in one click you can make clothes, but also everything that always makes you lazier: socks, shoes, umbrellas ...

The little boy, happy to have her personal brand, helped me mark some clothes. The stamp is so beautiful that it can be worn inside or out."

Mammaproof Madrid, the guide to enjoy the city with your little tribe :

"One of the main reasons for choosing them is because when I was little, putting stamps of this type seemed like a lot of fun, so surely the little ones were going to be happy to help me with the task. And so it has been. Its handling is so easy and clean that the two (2 and 5 years) have solved the ballot to mark their clothes in one afternoon."


logo revista kireei
Kireei, the magazine of beautiful things


logo Barcelona Colours

Barcelona colours, to enjoy Barcelona with your kids:

"I was wonderful to use on everything the kids had to bring for the field trip: caps, T-shirts, bathing suits, beach towels... I even stamped it on their flip flops, and that was the quick and easy... Anyways, I think that for the first time, I was one of the few mothers who followed th teacher's instructions perfectly. I had everything, I mean everything stamped, no joke!"


Isabel de "una Madre Molona", passionate about communication and creativity:

"...this year, surprisingly, I have asked myself to be the official marker of Villa Molona and not only of clothes, but of everything that comes my way ... What if I have gone crazy? Crazy no, but addicted to this gadget."

Alba Cuesta de Descalza por el parque, film, television and advertising stylist:

"...the perfect gift for a lchildren or newborn."

Amor de Batmami, blogger

"miomiomio wants to reach all those young mothers, practical and with little time to sew and iron."

Mallorkids, how to enjoy Mallorca with kids:

"Goodbye to all the countless hours I spent sewing and ironing labels with my children's names."

Star en Rojo, blogger:

"They are a lot of fun and you can customize them the way you want."

La "me" mamma, blog of an italian mothern training:

Cerezas de tul:

"Suddenly we discovered miomiomio and we loved it! Our face lights up!"

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